Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lipozene Reviews Vs Proactol Plus Reviews

If you are looking for a weight loss supplement to help you lose the weight with minimal pain, I am so happy to be able to share the research I've done with you. After reading countless reviews and delving into these two weight supplement for weeks, the results of my findings will most likely save you lots of frustration, money and time.
Information overloading is the problem.
In the quest of finding the right one I came across this big problem. There are tons of weight loss supplements everywhere and no wonder so many people get confused and spend money on products that do not work or even cause health issues. The question is which company do you trust? Not everyone has the time to read reviews, so a few months ago I decided to read all the information and reviews out there to see which one is safe and effective.
Here are my findings.
There are many Diet pills made from fiber derived from plants. This type of diet pill is appealing to people who need to reduce the fat in their diet to lose more weight and prefer natural products as they are gentle on the body. This is particularly true if you are already exercising but lack the time or knowledge for a perfect diet. This type of diet pills binds and gathers fat molecules. So the fat in your diet passes though your system without being absorbed into your body. Lipozene and Proactol also known as Proactol Plus are the two diet pills which fit into the fat binder category.
Here are the reviews.
The claim on Lipozene's official site is that it can help you to lose weight without changing your daily routine. The ingredients in Lipozene are kola nut, green tea, glacomannan, vitamins B6 and B12.
According to the lab experiments, the ingredient glacomannan has the effects to treat constipation, high cholesterol and overweight. However their claims have not yet gained FDA's approval. The reviews revealed that with Lipozene:
You can get free samples from the official website but some users criticized that it's not easy to cancel once they decided not to use the product further.
The product is advertised as a fat burner however the ingredients made known to the public demonstrated that it does not have fat burning properties.
On the other hand Proactol has gained better reviews from the users:
The official website offers exercising and diet plans to compliment the product
Users get 6 months to try the product The ingredients are much safer and effective backed by clinical trials and medical professionals You can find many success stories
If you are considering diet pills to kick start your weight losst, make sure you check out the new Proactol Review and how Proactol can help you reach your weight loss goal.
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