Thursday, 26 July 2012

Weight Loss After Pregnancy - 3 Dangerous Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Mistakes (Is This You?)

When attempting to lose weight after a pregnancy, there are 3 dangerous mistakes most every woman makes in her quest to regain that pre-pregnancy body. Here are 3 of the biggest post-pregnancy weight loss mistakes and what to do instead.
Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Mistake #1
Attempting to Begin an Exercise Routine too Soon After Giving Birth
Many women are so anxious to get their pre-baby bodies back, they sadly neglect their health. Please, under no circumstance should you participate in any strenuous exercise within 1.5 months of delivery.
What to Do Instead - When you feel up to it, you should begin light physical activity.
The trick is to incorporate this type of mild exercise into your daily routine. This is a great way to begin easing yourself into a more aggressive workout routine.
Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Mistake #2
Expecting Results too Soon and Feeling Bad About Little to No Results
If you read the latest gossip column, you might mistakenly believe that every new mom has the ability to jump off of the table in the delivery room and right into some spandex shorts to begin her aerobic exercises. The assumption is that if this "media darling" can shed 60 pounds in the 9 weeks, you can do the same and when you don't achieve the same results, you feel depressed.
What to Do Instead - Cut yourself some slack.
When you are tempted to beat yourself up about how little weight you are losing, in comparison to some overrated actress, just remember that it took nine months to get your body into the shape it is in now. Isn't it okay if it takes more than 9 weeks to regain your pre-baby body?
Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Mistake #3
Failure to Seek Out the Latest and Most Effective Weight Loss Advice
Most women rely on what they think they know about losing weight and sadly never reach their goals. Have you ever wondered by your favorite celebrity can shed all the weight they gained during pregnancy plus an extra 5 pounds?
The answer is simple; they have the latest tips, tricks and shortcuts to eating and exercising from their chefs and personal trainers.
What to Do Instead - Stop trying to follow last year's advice on how to burn your baby fat.
Stay away from products and services that offer up over hyped promises of instant weight loss. Instead, find a trusted source of information and gobble up any product or service they offer that will bring you one step close to a slimmer trimmer new you.
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