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Low Carb Restaurant Tips

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in products such as soy milk and low-fat yogurt, has been shown to reduce breast cancer incidence in rats. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So, you are on a low carb diet and doing quite well. You have accomplished this by adhering closely to the fundamentals and making sure that temptations are minimized. Just when all is going so well, your best friends invites you to dinner.
There is no need to panic. If you follow the steps that I have outlined below, you will have a wonderful dining experience with your friend and have very little impact on your low carb weight loss plan. In fact, why not treat this as a reward for your dieting diligence.
The first thing you must keep in mind is that going to a restaurant will most likely involve an increase in carb intake for that day. You must set your expectation appropriately. Consider the experience a rare guilty pleasure. That said, occasional variances from plan are harmless. So much so that I wouldn't suggest you do anything other than be cautious, ask questions and obviously minimize the high carb choices.
If you can, try to influence that type of restaurant that is chosen. Eliminate the obvious. A steakhouse may be a better choice than a French establishment specializing in cream sauces. A seafood shack just may be more suitable than a pasta house. A casual, local establishment may be more flexible than a chain group. And so on.
Planning ahead can equip you with information that will prove helpful when you order. Go online and check the restaurant's website. Most have them now and include the menu. This gives you a great opportunity to little determine what you will order in advance and having an accurate sense of the total carb intake to expect. If they do not have an online menu, call them. Tell them you are on a low carb weight loss program and would like to speak to someone who could provide suggestions in advance of arriving.
If neither of these approaches are successful, prepare yourself for an on the spot savvy ordering experience.
Once settled into your seat, immediately speak up to the server and let them know of your dieting situation. Ask for their assistance and leverage their experience. Chances are they have dealt with this before and will have appropriate suggestions for you to consider. Also, lean on the chef. Most truly enjoy the challenge of adjusting their service to the needs of their customers. This is particularly true of smaller, local restaurants verse chains. They are usually in a competitive battle for return customers and are more sensitive to the varied dietary requirements today's clientele.
In general, the following are tips that will help you enjoy your experience without faltering too badly:
Stay away from most appetizers. Most are carb laden and are specifically design to increase your appetite not lessen it, hence the term appetizers! The most obvious culprits are the pre-requisite bread stick with oil. Who amongst us can eat just one of these? The word "crispy" should set off alarms. Short of the chef using grated cheese for the coating, you can bet that bread crumbs are used. Most entrées include some form of potato side dish. The main course may be very low carb friendly but the side will do you in. Simply tell the server that you do not wish a potato side but would appreciate additional vegetables or ask for suggestions for an acceptable alternative. As mentioned earlier, beef, chicken, seafood are best choices and are readily available in most restaurants. Be aware that if sauces or other types of toppings are used, carbs will undoubtedly be lurking. Ask for these toppings to be served separately, providing you with the option to add as you wish. Watch your alcohol intake for two reasons:
Alcohol intake, even in small amounts, reduces inhibitions and sets the stage for you to be less defensive when it comes to appropriate meal choices. Alcohol, in itself and in most cases, is not an issue with respect to carb count. The type of alcohol and how it is mixed can have an immense affect on carb count though. Just check the carbs in most beers compared to vodka. Compare a whiskey on the rocks verse a blended margarita.
You have been warned.
It would be very easy to say that you must stay away from desserts but, remember that we did suggest that you should consider this trip to a restaurant as a reward of sorts. Now, I am not suggesting that you dive into a triple chocolate cake, nor are we suggesting that you skip dessert all together. Indulge but with control. Enough said about that.
With a little planning, forethought and keeping these in mind, you should be able to enjoy your trip. You will see very little impact on your low carb weight loss efforts at all but have a wonderful time with your friend.
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Losing Weight Using Body Wraps

Weight and height are used in computing body m...Weight and height are used in computing body mass index, an indicator of risk for developing obesity-associated diseases. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Are you searching for an effective way to lose weight fast? Do you have a special occasion coming up and need to get in shape fast? Do you have a date in a few weeks and need to straighten your thighs by losing a few inches of fat? Perhaps a friend is getting married and you too will share the limelight and need to be photogenic? There are the traditional weight loss techniques such as extreme exercises, torturous dieting, pills and other unorthodox techniques but if you really want results faster and safely, then you should go with body wraps.
When looking for wraps to use to lose pounds and inches in a short time, one of the most important considerations is the type of wrap to go for. I would suggest that you go for one that has all-natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are very effective in not only getting rid of fats beneath the skin at cellular level but also evenly tone the skin, restore its elasticity and keep it firm and beautiful even after losing the fats. The good thing with this technique is that you get to detoxify at the same time and lose inches of fat with one or two applications.
Another benefit of this technique is that you can use it to lose fats on a specific part of the body - if you have issues with your arms, then you can target the arms with the wrap, if it is your waist, then you will not need to struggle so much with the entire body as you would when dieting or losing weight through exercising. Because this technique works at a cellular level, the results are progressive and permanent. The most common areas that most people target to lose weight with body wraps are legs, chin and face, arms, abdomen and thighs.
A good body wrap is extremely easy to use - you do not even need to have someone to assist you apply. This may depend on the part of the body you are targeting though, but the idea is that it is something you can do yourself at home. There are no special equipment needed - the wraps and the ingredients come as a package and you will be ready to use them. Note that there are different formulas of body wraps - if you have tried one before and it did not work for you or it had undesirable effects, do not just assume that wraps do not work; you should give a try to one that uses natural ingredients.
Are you looking to lose weight fast and safely? Is everything else not working for you? Body Wraps are a modern solution. They have been proven to work - find more information on how you can lose weight at home by sparing only 37 minutes of your time at

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Most Difficult Weight to Lose: Belly Fat or Pounds Around the Stomach

Flat Belly DietFlat Belly Diet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A flat stomach is a must in any weight loss regimen. Sometimes we acquire belly fat from a pregnancy, sometimes it just creeps up on us as we gain all over weight due to over eating or lack of proper exercise.
Losing belly fat should be a priority not only for improving how we look but for your health as well.
We've all dreamed of having tight, toned stomachs with sexy six-packs,at some time in our lives. Abdominal weight is not only dangerous, it's just unfortunately, the hardest fat to get rid of. For many of us, tummy area seems to be the first place we attract extra pounds, and the last place that we are able to lose pounds.
Don't become discouraged! Here are five proven secrets you can use to get a flatter stomach while you work to reduce that stubborn belly fat.
Flat Stomach Rule #1 - Reduce Overall Body Weight
It is very difficult to achieve spot reduction. That is, you can't lose pounds in your stomach area without losing weight everywhere else.To get the flat belly you want, you'll need to reduce the percentage of your overall body weight. A healthy diet, together with an exercise program that includes aerobic training and some strength training,is the only way this can be achieved.
Research a food plan and exercise routine that you would enjoy. Find diets high in lean protein and complex carbohydrates, plus cardio exercise and strength-training three to five times a week.
Flat Stomach Secret #2 - Fibre and Protein a Must
Snacking on the wrong types of food must be avoided. Filling up on whole grain oatmeal, fruits and vegetables, beans, lean meats, nuts, and olives is the best way to keep your hunger pangs in check!.Omega 3 Fatty acid foods like fish for example, work against the fattening stress hormone- cortisol. Cortisol is mainly responsible for belly fat.
Cortisol sends signals to the body that cause it to go into survival mode, storing weight all over, but particularly around the midsection. Cortisol levels in your body has to be reduced, so it can start to burn up the pounds you have stored,especially around the middle. Relaxation helps to reduce cortisol levels as does eating Omega 3 foods.
Flat Stomach Secret #3 - Exclude Salt and Sugar
Carbohydrates cause us to retain water. This can result in bloating, especially in the tummy area. Salt is another notorious bloat-inducer. Instead of loading up on table salt, try smaller amounts of sea salt, or a salt substitute.
Cutting down on your carbohydrate intake on a daily basis can quickly reduce belly fat. Carbohydrates should come from whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables. These complex carbohydrates help regulate hunger and minimize cravings to help you lose belly bulge.
Flat Stomach Secret #4 - Strengthen Your Core With Regular Sculpting Exercises
After proper dieting to remove the layer of fat that obstructs your abdominal, you can begin some core exercises. When your muscles finally begin to appear, they would be shapely and well formed from the exercise. A strong core will also help you stand and sit upright. Good posture makes you look thinner, and also gives you the opportunity to work your abs by holding them taut as you walk or sit.
It's easy to find a good set of stomach flattening exercise. Not only do they help to get rid of belly bulge, but they also strengthen your core.. Some of them are sit-ups, leg lifts, V-ups, or core tightening pilates, done about three or four times a week. Yoga has several poses which strengthen the core and help you clear your mind of stressful thoughts that stimulate cortisol production - a real bonus for a flat stomach!
Flat Stomach Secret #5 - Drink Water to Flush Pounds Away
Plenty of water is essential for flushing out extra pounds. The fluid you consume actually helps your body get rid of the fluid it's holding on to. So please drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.
Bloating occurs when the body is dehydrated,when the body is dehydrated that's when it becomes bloated. In an effort to preserve its vital fluids, the body holds onto every bit of water it has, resulting in puffiness in the hands and abdomen. It does this to preserve all its vital fluids. The only way to counteract this is to drink enough water to make your body feel safe again, allowing it to flush the retained fluid from its system.
A flat stomach is something you must earn over time, but that doesn't mean you can't make some quick fixes today!
Shop for bloat-busting foods to lose belly weight.
Find a core-strengthening exercise plan that you enjoy to lose stomach bulge.
Drink plenty of water to flush pounds and lose belly bulge.
Standing up tall makes your stomach flatter immediately! You're already making progress toward your goal to lose belly fat and a well toned, younger looking flat stomach.

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5 Effective weight loss tips for slim, sexy you

An English breakfastAn English breakfast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)It is a sad reality that women's bodies are typically more than men of the body to store fat, and less easy to burn fat. This applies, in particular, because a woman's body above the estrogen to store more fat sends signals to the body.
Also everything against us, there are many ways that women can lose fat. Read more of you, because you are doing to learn five Top most effective tips that you quickly lean and sexy feel!
1. start your day with a good breakfast
What makes breakfast is the most important meal of the day, what is your metabolism moving early in the day, making it more likely that your body will burn some of this excess fat. A hearty breakfast, food, because your body while you still have sleep benefits you fill the tank, and more are ready on the day you feel.
A good breakfast should also always something with much fiber to maintain healthy digestion.
2. always stay hydrated
Water is a necessary ingredient in a chemical reaction, carbohydrates and proteins into useful energy, transformed, so that your body needs a lot of functions. In addition, water can help in removing the fat that is located under our skin.
3. other dishes, but smaller
There are full instead of 3 meals per day, you have to plan your meals so you each small meal 2

10 Tips for cutting kJ

Diet and NutritionDiet and Nutrition (Photo credit: fantasyhealthball)Removing this kJ (as well as more records through physical activity) is not painful. Not just work diet hunger and deprivation. Instead, the little things are part of that. Here are a few tips that you start:
1. eat breakfast
Breakfast was an important behavior among people, on average, 30 kilograms of weight and spent it on average six years. skipping breakfast did it to feel hungry, which they overate at other meals and erected on a unhealthy food.
2. eat more fresh fruits and vegetables
Including more fresh, fruit and lots of different spices, add vegetables, texture, fibre and vitamins in your diet. Try it, you eat a salad every day, whether it's a main dish or salad, with five different vegetables in it. Prefer cooked vegetables in the salad, a couple of them easily for no more than 2 to 3 minutes, they continue to crispy inside and their contents, to save the vitamin. And instead of high KJ, unhealthy foods between meals snacking and eating fruit.
3. drink lots of water
To cut the KJ, you have to stop consuming soft drink your tea, coffee, and limiting alcohol consumption. Try instead, drink (6-8 glasses) of 1.2 to 2 liters of water a day. It's also a great way to help increase your fluid intake of fresh vegetable and fruit juices in moderation.
4. measure your grain
The middle part is a half a cup of muesli. Rather, most adults are at least twice that amount, pour out add unnecessary kJ daily consumption of energy.
5. buy a smaller
The more you have, the more likely it is that you will eat it. If you eat at home, try it out with one when you apply for small plates and smaller when you eat.
6. start with soup
Studies show that people who start the meal with a soup consumed in less kilojoules and consumed by the end of the day without feeling hungry.
7. use smaller plates
Start with a bowl of salad instead of promoting smaller dish.
8. brush your teeth after eating
Brush your teeth right after dinner, to fend off the attacks of late-night snacks. (If you feel that your mouth is clean and Minty, think less likely to eat)
9 so as not to distract
Make sure you know what you ate. Do you have an opportunity, sitting at the table, preferably with companies. Are you not in front of the TV, because it tends to be a distraction, just a habit and an advertisement for pizza, ice cream, chocolate and other foods can adversely affect your decisions.
10 Be
If the other person to be killed, it's your partner, neighbour or friend, it can be difficult to stick to the diet plan, your plan, if all other all that you're trying to avoid the food. Women with children, perhaps most at risk in this regard, because they often are those dishes for the whole family, and this may mean a place for a wide variety of likes and wants. Try to stick with the whole family in the heart healthy diet, healthy diet improves your chances of not only to ensure that all benefit. This is a unique opportunity to educate children about the importance of healthy eating habits for life.
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Attitude, Xfactor to lose weight

HealthHealth (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)You've been on weight-loss merry-go-round and sick and tired, work on the body and forms must be given, only to see it again, sliding back to where you started, or even more than the previous worst? In the full sense of despair and hopelessness, you say to yourself "I will lose weight no more than" that's impossible! "The idea that you will forever be obese drag back." sad fate!
Our actions are inspired by our thoughts. Entertaining negative thoughts us steps in improving our health, the Elimination of unwanted fat of course he crippled and shrink our waistlines. Most access through the people who argued for quick and immediate weight loss, diet products for disappointment. There is no such product which can instantly create a new look for us. The sooner we recognize that patience is weight loss, determination, and the right attitude, the easier it is for us, our paradigm for change. Xfactor to get ideal weight and mass is the ratio.
How do we do this? First change the nihilism in positivism. You can understand everything that the mind can reach it anyway. We call it a mind conditioning. It is what you make it, you can, if you love everyday moral growth alone. Secondly you have healthy eating plan. You must strictly adhere to this. Food, you take plays an important factor in achieving the desired weight and shape. Thirdly you have curriculum. To burn calories should be part of the therapy.
Fitness expert consultation to give you the perfect abs, for both men and women, to help in the right curves. This sounds very funny, but I'm telling you, with a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, it could be very possible. Finally, you stay away from stress in life. Break away from the unhealthy and stressful relationship, if necessary. You refuse to be pulled in the arguments in the Office. Work to lose the right atmosphere of weight loss, watching TV shows will inspire more weight, or you will be tempted to return your unhealthy eating habits.
Their chances of success, for you. Positive change generates positive results. It can happen, especially in the path of temptation. Look yummy and delicious treats will certainly test your settings. Keep in mind, the goal is not only to lose weight; This is the goal of a healthy way of life and survival for many years. Happy eating and a healthy lifestyle should go together always.
Their chances of success, for you. Positive change generates positive results. It can happen, especially in the path of temptation. Look yummy and delicious treats will certainly test your settings. Keep in mind, the goal is not only to lose weight; This is the goal of a healthy way of life and survival for many years. Happy eating and a healthy lifestyle should go together always.
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The best types of exercise to lose belly fat

Collage of several of Gray's muscle pictures, ...Collage of several of Gray's muscle pictures, by Mikael Häggström (User:Mikael Häggström) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)That's the lie that wouldn't die
"To lose the fat, you need to make isolation exercises in this area."
For example, if you want to lose your belly, you would be led to believe that you have tons to do exercises that should only buy the abdominal muscles as the goal or some stupid AB belt.
But here is the truth ...
Isolated exercises are a waste of your time!
In fact, tend to apply this lie, buy a new gadget or fill, you can gain access to this new class AB a few numbers.
You see, isolated exercises will help you burn fat as quickly and efficiently as a composite (movement for several muscle groups).
Now if you want to integrate the most effective fat burning exercises into your routine, here are some guidelines to follow:
Select exercises several muscle groups at the same time to work, what do I do select the exercises that you do while standing up, if possible. Or instead, appropriate alternative exercises. first Put heavy and most intense exercise routine.
Well here's good news ...
Training with exercises on how to do this, you can do even more, but smaller, to burn fat!
That's the reason.
Run training like this, you can use your body. It will burn a double amount of calories after a workout. In addition, the effectiveness and efficiency of this kind of training means you only need 3 days a week of work (45 minutes or less).
It's much shorter time commitment than a typical workout program. Thus making it ideal for normal, busy man, follow through and actually results.
So here's an example of a workout, you can create an that follows the above guidelines:
Hindu squats (intensive first)-10 RepsHindu pushups-8-10 RepsDecline RepsCalf throws pushups-ball jackknife 15 reps RepsStability-back extension on the ball – 8-15 reps
Ideally you each pair (# 1 and # 2, # 3 and # 4), a total of three times before moving on to the next pair.
As regards the rest, would you stay right after that second exercises in each pair.
This power is part of your routine is completed then you with interval training. This allows for maximum fat loss.
Hope this helps.
Let me know if you have any questions you'd like me to address.