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Most Difficult Weight to Lose: Belly Fat or Pounds Around the Stomach

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A flat stomach is a must in any weight loss regimen. Sometimes we acquire belly fat from a pregnancy, sometimes it just creeps up on us as we gain all over weight due to over eating or lack of proper exercise.
Losing belly fat should be a priority not only for improving how we look but for your health as well.
We've all dreamed of having tight, toned stomachs with sexy six-packs,at some time in our lives. Abdominal weight is not only dangerous, it's just unfortunately, the hardest fat to get rid of. For many of us, tummy area seems to be the first place we attract extra pounds, and the last place that we are able to lose pounds.
Don't become discouraged! Here are five proven secrets you can use to get a flatter stomach while you work to reduce that stubborn belly fat.
Flat Stomach Rule #1 - Reduce Overall Body Weight
It is very difficult to achieve spot reduction. That is, you can't lose pounds in your stomach area without losing weight everywhere else.To get the flat belly you want, you'll need to reduce the percentage of your overall body weight. A healthy diet, together with an exercise program that includes aerobic training and some strength training,is the only way this can be achieved.
Research a food plan and exercise routine that you would enjoy. Find diets high in lean protein and complex carbohydrates, plus cardio exercise and strength-training three to five times a week.
Flat Stomach Secret #2 - Fibre and Protein a Must
Snacking on the wrong types of food must be avoided. Filling up on whole grain oatmeal, fruits and vegetables, beans, lean meats, nuts, and olives is the best way to keep your hunger pangs in check!.Omega 3 Fatty acid foods like fish for example, work against the fattening stress hormone- cortisol. Cortisol is mainly responsible for belly fat.
Cortisol sends signals to the body that cause it to go into survival mode, storing weight all over, but particularly around the midsection. Cortisol levels in your body has to be reduced, so it can start to burn up the pounds you have stored,especially around the middle. Relaxation helps to reduce cortisol levels as does eating Omega 3 foods.
Flat Stomach Secret #3 - Exclude Salt and Sugar
Carbohydrates cause us to retain water. This can result in bloating, especially in the tummy area. Salt is another notorious bloat-inducer. Instead of loading up on table salt, try smaller amounts of sea salt, or a salt substitute.
Cutting down on your carbohydrate intake on a daily basis can quickly reduce belly fat. Carbohydrates should come from whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables. These complex carbohydrates help regulate hunger and minimize cravings to help you lose belly bulge.
Flat Stomach Secret #4 - Strengthen Your Core With Regular Sculpting Exercises
After proper dieting to remove the layer of fat that obstructs your abdominal, you can begin some core exercises. When your muscles finally begin to appear, they would be shapely and well formed from the exercise. A strong core will also help you stand and sit upright. Good posture makes you look thinner, and also gives you the opportunity to work your abs by holding them taut as you walk or sit.
It's easy to find a good set of stomach flattening exercise. Not only do they help to get rid of belly bulge, but they also strengthen your core.. Some of them are sit-ups, leg lifts, V-ups, or core tightening pilates, done about three or four times a week. Yoga has several poses which strengthen the core and help you clear your mind of stressful thoughts that stimulate cortisol production - a real bonus for a flat stomach!
Flat Stomach Secret #5 - Drink Water to Flush Pounds Away
Plenty of water is essential for flushing out extra pounds. The fluid you consume actually helps your body get rid of the fluid it's holding on to. So please drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.
Bloating occurs when the body is dehydrated,when the body is dehydrated that's when it becomes bloated. In an effort to preserve its vital fluids, the body holds onto every bit of water it has, resulting in puffiness in the hands and abdomen. It does this to preserve all its vital fluids. The only way to counteract this is to drink enough water to make your body feel safe again, allowing it to flush the retained fluid from its system.
A flat stomach is something you must earn over time, but that doesn't mean you can't make some quick fixes today!
Shop for bloat-busting foods to lose belly weight.
Find a core-strengthening exercise plan that you enjoy to lose stomach bulge.
Drink plenty of water to flush pounds and lose belly bulge.
Standing up tall makes your stomach flatter immediately! You're already making progress toward your goal to lose belly fat and a well toned, younger looking flat stomach.

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