Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Finding the Best Exercise to Lose Weight

The truth of the matter there isn't actually a best exercise to lose weight, so to speak, instead there is numerous combinations of workouts and plans you must follow for the fastest way to lose weight and get that perfect body.
The two main cores to any fitness program is to improve your body shape with regular exercise, and the introduction of a healthy diet.
Now this probably isn't anything you don't already know but the fact remains it is the fastest way to lose weight and the only method that truly allows you to maintain a healthy body.
First thing to remember when you begin your workouts is that over some time you may develop muscle mass which is great, so don't feel down when you stand on the scales. As muscle weighs more than fat, and we are almost certain you would rather look and feel good when you view your body through a mirror than what a scale says.
Key Steps & Exercises to Lose Weight
Calorie Intake- We feel this is the number one area where most people go wrong, yes obviously exercise is important but, correctly dieting is the best way to lose belly fat plus provide the nutrients to get your body to correctly recover and feel full from workouts.
While many believe calorie counting is wrong, it is the cornerstone to big industry programmes such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, this is because many do not understand the importance of the recommended daily calories needed, and this can differ depending on gender, fitness goals, and whether you are working out on that particular day.
Exercise- Regularly exercising will help to tone and create lean muscle tissue, a factor needed to burn fat. So what are the best exercises to lose weight, as stated before there is a wide range, and depending on fitness levels, however the main ones to concentrate on are as follow:
For most, these recommended options should be the best exercise to lose weight, improve energy levels, build strength and endurance while flattening the stomach with a healthy diet.
Cardio - This could be achieved by 30mins of running, walking, going to the gym and doing rowing, using the stepper machines or join a circuit class such as spinning, boxercise or aerobics.Abs - This is a must for all and should be worked on for at least 15mins 2x a week, this could include using an exercise ball or doing plank and crunch routines.Arms & Chest - Press ups, bench press and arm curls ideally with a restriction band or weights if you preferBums & Legs - Squats, lunges, and leg raises which can be done both at home and the gym, most believe these are the best exercise to lose weight as they tend to get more noticeable results
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I'll be back in touch soon with additional Lean-Body Secrets. I also have a couple fabulous lean-body recipes coming up over the next few weeks that I think you'll enjoy, so hang on

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