Sunday, 10 June 2012

How To Lose Weight With Water - Forget Sugary Drinks For Crazy Results

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...If you're watching your health then learning how to lose weight with water is definitely a good idea to be aware of. Paying attention to what you choose to drink tends to take a back seat to foods for weight loss in typical diet plans. However, replacing sugary drinks like sodas with water is one of the most important things you can do to lose weight.
Statistics show that 10.4 billion gallons of sugar type drinks are produced per year. To put it in perspective that means ever single American could have one 12-ounce can of soda every day for a year. That's crazy if you think about it.
The average soda or fruit drink has about 150 calories, with most of that coming from sugars. That equals about 10 teaspoons of regular table sugar! If you had one of these sodas a day and didn't change one thing in your diet you'd gain up to 15 pounds in a year.
The average fruit drink or soda has approximately 150 calories and most of that is coming from sugars. That translates to about 10 teaspoons of regular table sugar. So if you didn't change one thing in your diet and you added a soda every day for a year to your diet you'd gain about 15 pounds. Now think about if you take all soda out!
So here's a study involving 318 overweight subjects that were broken into 3 groups:
Participants who switched from high calorie sugar drinks to water.Participants who changed to diet soda.Participants who made no changes in what they drank.
All subjects met monthly for group meetings and all participants had access to a website dedicated to the group during the testing.
During the six months of the testing all three of the groups had a small drop in body weight but those who were drinking calorie free drinks were twice as likely to lose additional 5% of body weight.
Another factoid found was that those who drank mostly water of the six months showed lower fasting blood sugar levels and better hydration. This is a big deal because weight loss and reduced blood sugar levels are linked to improvements in obesity risk factors.
People who typically like sweet tasting carbonated beverages and similar type drinks will most likely see better results with a change to drinking solely water. This is to be expected because not only are you removing a negative from the diet but you're adding a positive.
As for the diet drink participants in the study their weight loss was less than intensive but still saw results from changing up their regular sugar drink diet. Changing what you drink on a regular basis is a simple and relatively easy task to do but can bring some substantial results over the long term. That's probably the best thing to take from learning how to lose weight with water.
If you can make the adjustment to drinking more water and unsweetened teas in your diet you will already be on your way to losing weight and keeping it off.
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