Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Idealnt Body Measureme

A perfect body shape is a subject that is based on preconceptions and often varies from how people perceive a good body size to be. revolves around many aspects and is different in men and women. In women, a perfect measurement entails aspects such as waistline size, hip and thigh size. Generally slim bodies are more preferred in women as this makes them look more attractive. The body contour for women matters a lot as this defines the firmness of their body.
For women height also contributes to their perfect body shape. Something around 5.6 inches to 5.10 inches could be considers a good height for the women. In essence, a height of 5"8' which is approximately 173cm is a good height that is admired by women. A waist of 24 inches or 61cm is also recommended for women. Similarly, a hip size of 28 inches or 71 cm is regarded as perfect size. In terms of weight, something around 146pounds, which is equivalent to 66kg, may also be seen as the right weight for a perfect body shape of a woman.
However, these measurements may differ from what people view as the perfect body shapes. This is also influenced by cultural aspects as in the western world; slander women are more attractive to men. In the African culture, this may be quite different as big bodies though not overweight may be regarded as perfect body size.
In men, masculine and firm body muscles are considered more attractive. The trapezoid shape is considered as perfect size and this is characterized by broad shoulder and chest, as well as medium-to-narrow hips and waistline. More so, in men, measurement of the body is done through features such as the chest, shoulders, waist, hip and height.
Universally, the body measurement is done through body mass index. This is in relation to a person's height. BMI metric units entail body weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters. For example, a weight of 82 kilograms and a height of 2.0 meters would give a MBI of;

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