Monday, 11 June 2012

the Skinny on Losing Fat

English: idealized curves of human blood gluco...AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - MAY 10:  A model sampl...Did you ever notice that when a person gets bad information, they will continue in the wrong direction until they learn otherwise? A dog paddler will continue to paddle until he learns to swim. Likewise, we've always been told that people are fat because they eat fat and don't get enough exercise. Bad info! Wrong direction! Do not enter!
The fact that you're reading this is an indication that you want to change. You've been told to take your vitamins and you listened. You've been taught about building up your immune system and you obeyed. When you knew the right course of action, you took it. You are trying to do what's right. Research is screaming to lose the belly fat. Easier said than done? Let's try a new approach.
When a diet is focused on calorie counting, simply cutting the number of calories cuts the intake of energy, and the body adjusts itself to burn less energy. Also, too much attention to calories makes you focus on being hungry all the time. The diets that are having successful results are concentrating on the intake of low carbs.
When a diet includes too many carbs and too many highly refined grains and sugars, the blood sugar becomes elevated, which prompts the release of insulin, locking in the fat. Scientists have known for years that insulin is the main hormone responsible for how much fat tissue is regulated. A consistently low insulin level means less fat tissue.
The carbohydrates that are easily digested are the ones that we have always been told were o.k. The baked potato without butter, pasta without oil or sauce, and even fat-free yogurt are the bad guys reprogramming our systems to hold onto the weight.
It's a matter of retraining your eating habits and focusing away from the carbs and onto foods that keep insulin low, which will release the hormone and enzyme activity on the fat tissue. So, it's all right to indulge in steak, cheese, and burgers, without the buns, now that you understand why more calories are going in than are being burned. Once you've learned this new way of eating, you will lose weight without being hungry all the time.
Here are a few guidelines to help reprogram the way you eat. Be positive about the outcome of this new approach. This is a new day, eating a new way, to create a new you.

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