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Will Not Eating Make You Lose Weight?

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We all know about the frustrations of trying to lose weight. If you're like me you've tried one diet after another. Maybe you actually manage to lose a few pounds only to put it back on again the minute you begin to eat normally.
So now you've decided to try something else. Just don't eat! You're bound to lose weight. Right.... WRONG. Nothing could be more harmful and it just plain doesn't work.
Does not eating make you lose weight? This is a question I've heard many times before. The short answer is 'NO'. If you stop eating you might lose a pound or two but that's all. The reason is all down to the complexities of your metabolism and the genes you inherited from Paleolithic man.
Paleolithic man were known as hunter gatherers and lived in caves. They ate the animals they could catch or food they could pick. This meant their diet was high in meat, vegetables, berries and nuts. Since they didn't farm grains were not part of their staple diet.
During the summer months food was easier to find whereas during the winter months plant growth would was sparse and animals wandered to warmer climates to find their food stores.
Because they had to rely on the seasons for the availability of food, their metabolism had to adapt to cope with the periods when food was scarce. During the summer months they were able to eat well and store fat. During the winter when less food was around their brains detected the lack of food. The metabolism slowed to conserve energy so they were able to survive on the fat stores they had built up during the summer months.
We are still genetically programmed to do this. If you decide you're not going to eat your brain interprets the lack of food as a time to conserve energy. You metabolism slows down and you burn fewer calories and fat than you would normally. So of course... you don't lose weight.
It may sound strange but it's true. Your body tries to protect you from starvation. It's a built-in safety net to help you survive. So now most people have plenty of food available. We over eat and our bodies readily store the excess as fat. But since we always have plenty of food we never burn off the extra fat stores.
You must continue to eat if you want to lose weight. You need to consume fewer calories than you actually needs in a day. In that way your body is forced to use up some of its fat store. Of course the more active you are the more calories you need.
The easiest way to lose weight is to be more active and reduce your portion sizes. Make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water. It sounds over simplified but all these fancy diets are designed to do just that. So whatever you do don't stop eating. The trick is to eat your way to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.
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