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Great Tips On Getting Rid Of Tummy Fat For Good

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Could tummy fat be stopping you from obtaining the figure of your dreams? Getting rid of that rubber dinghy around your waist is really hard to do, but we all have a dinghy so don't be embarrassed.
That brings me on nicely to how to reduce your tummy fat for good. I spent years training and training with what I thought was a really good routine. But for some reason no matter how hard I trained I just could not shift the fat around my waist. Rocky III was such a good film and gives you the eye of the tiger and I started boxing, but this again would not shift it. After a lot of head scratching, I decided to sit down and re evaluate what my training routine looked like.
I was just like everyone else really, doing some weights and lots of cardio. Pretty average really but probably the same as at least 60% of people. It really wasn't a surprise therefore that something was still wrong. I decided then that I would hire a personal trainer to look at my training routine, in the hope that he could highlight the problem of getting rid of my belly fat. I really was surprised by what he had to say. He weighed me and although I had reduced my weight overall. My body fat however just had not come down.
The came the good news, he wanted me to train five days a week and having two days off. He wanted to tire my muscle out so proposed doing primary exercises followed straight away by secondary exercises. The cardio also changed so that I was doing short bursts instead. My routine before however was running or the cross machine for twenty minutes. This really did push you to the absolute limits. Even after an intense session on the weights, I would then have to jump straight onto the rowing machine. I rowed for four minutes to start with, then he would throw the intensity up and make me do 1000m as fast as I possible could. I know that sounds really easy, but when you do it yourself it is really really hard.
Then I got straight onto the bike for six minutes. Then after the six minutes was up. It was time to step up the pace, doing fast sprints of seconds at a time, until I couldn't move my legs anymore. Afterwards my legs were like jelly, I felt like I was walking on the moon. I bet this something you can relate too as well.
Then after a few weeks I leaped on the scales again and carried out a full fitness test. The fitness test went well but my body fat had hardly moved at all. I had lost weight again but I just wasn't happy with this.
It was a case of going back to the drawing board again. I got myself really down at this point though, which I guess is to be expected. Motivation really is key in this environment and if your not seeing results, it is really hard to keep it up. I had also spent a lot of money and really felt like throwing in the towel. The trainer I had however was an ex army PT Officer, he didn't want me to pack in, so he suggested we look into my diet plan instead. I thought my diet was pretty good to be honest. I always cooked fresh food every day and thought I was healthy.
I did find that I really was not drinking enough fluids however. Tea was a problem and I was drinking too much of it, although I did have two sugars with every cup. My new meal plan then consisted of fresh veg and chicken all the time. Stayed on the training program I had just done and guess what happened. He he yes my tummy fat at last was going down eventually. The feeling was just out of this world, I very nearly even thought of giving him a hug. Maybe not the greatest of ideas however, seeing how he was ex army anyway. So finishing off with the morale to this story. If your going to do something, don't waste any time doing it.
Seek professional help from an expert. Then you will be able to avoid the frustration and keep your money in your pocket too. Then you can achieve your goals in a much more timely manner.
how to reduce tummy fast Man my abdominal fat was dreadful which was exactly why I absolutely found it necessary to do something about it. This chap was an ex armed forces athlete and boy did he work me really hard. By no means stop trying, with the right process, results are just around the corner.

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