Friday, 20 July 2012

High Cholesterol Level Causes

English: Cholesterol synthesis Woodward 3English: Cholesterol synthesis Woodward 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Nowadays, more and more people become concerned about their cholesterol levels. They start to worry about medical conditions that result from high cholesterol, as it has become an issue for lots of people. Cholesterol itself is produced by our own bodies, mostly in the liver. It is very necessary for body to function properly. For example it is absolutely essential for fetal and newborn development.
So what are the causes for high cholesterol?
One really obvious reason is being overweight. It makes the body harder to handle all this cholesterol coming into your body. Overweight people usually have lower good cholesterol level, than normal.
Another reason for high cholesterol is low activity. We need our good cholesterol levels to be higher than bad cholesterol levels, it can be accomplished by regular exercise and activity.
Then there are causes that actually are not what we can control that much. Such as age - with age cholesterol levels rise or even if you had this problem as a young person, you may start to notice it only now. And, after 30, our bodies increase the production of cholesterol and this also causes higher levels. Family history also is a cause that we really can not control. If your parents or grandparents have had problems with high cholesterol, it is a great chance that you will, too.
Of course, there are some diseases that cause high levels, such as kidney problems and thyroid disorders.
As people tend to think only negative about cholesterol, it is not completely so. Our bodies produce it because it is needed. Even our nervous system and brain needs it to function properly, also it is needed for spinal cord formation. Many hormones are directly associated to cholesterol levels such as the ones that regulate blood sugar level, all the sex hormones etc. It is also used to make cell membranes and for making them durable.
Despite all this, it is only healthy when ldl hdl ratio is in balance. It means that good and bad cholesterol have to be balanced in your body. If your bad cholesterol levels start to rise, then your body is not able to use it all and it starts to narrow and harden your arteries. They start to clog up and this may cause a heart attack or cause a stroke in the brain.
These are the things why you need to keep cholesterol in balance and start to eat right things. It is important to stop eating saturated fats that come from animal based goods such as meat, eggs and dairy products. These things should be eaten moderately. Also you need to reduce eating trans fats that come from synthetic foods.
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