Monday, 23 July 2012

The Right Way to Increase Your Motivation to Lose Weight

US Navy 050203-N-4729H-005 Navy Delayed Entry ...US Navy 050203-N-4729H-005 Navy Delayed Entry Program recruit Brian Connelly of Norwood, Pa., shows the pants he wore before he lost 175 lbs over the period of a year to join the U.S. Navy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Fashion models were once pictured as women who ate almost nothing, keeping their bodies to little more than skin and bone. A model was not supposed to have any muscle because that was considered manly. With the right face and a tall figure, a young lady with enough motivation to lose weight could make a name for herself by punishing her body in that way, but the long term results of that type of nutritional neglect can be devastating.
Starvation is Not the Answer
Maintaining a youthful figure is much more about having a program of a balanced diet and regular exercise. Thankfully, more of the models of today ascribe to a healthy diet regime and even have nutritionists to guide them. Still many of the diet plans that flood the bookstores, internet, and airways are stuck in the dark ages of losing weight. They support magical diets that cheat the body into malnutrition with no regard for health.
These diets never work, and the reason they don't is because the body must be fed every day, no matter if the motivation to lose weight is there or not. People who diet in this unsafe manner find that as soon as they stop the diet, their bodies crave food so they overeat and gain the weight right back. Losing and gaining in this way can take years off a person's life.
The Common Sense Approach to Weight Loss
Fad diets make it impossible to develop a regular routine, which is an important aspect of maintaining your desired weight. Even when you have the motivation to lose weight, but go about doing so in the wrong way, you can't expect the best results.
Women who fear that exercising with weights will give them a manly figure don't understand that weight training can be for toning or bulking up, depending on the program.
Every living thing needs the support of diet and exercise to have improved quality of life. The two are meant to go together. The reason we gain weight is because we excess at the one and ignore the other, so common sense tells us that to reverse the process we must eat sensibly and exercise to tighten up flabby muscle.
If your motivation to lose weight is low, much of the reason is because you are including the wrong foods in your diet. You don't feel like exercising and your body doesn't respond well to unhealthy food. We know that losing weight and keeping it off is both mental and physical, and your mind and body both work better when you eat the foods that are right for you.
So, what are you going to do with your life? Do you want to continue to starve yourself to drop a few pounds and then gain them all back? Does it make sense to suffer and feel bad just to have temporary weight loss?
If you aspire to be thinner, that alone should be the motivation you need to lose weight. Go about the process in the right way; get slim and stay slim the healthy way.
The idea that your subconscious mind may be actively blocking your conscious efforts to lose weight can be hard to swallow at first. So in addition to revealing my top 4 secrets to effective weight loss, I have included in my free report "Visualization Secrets For Weight Loss Success" a section on how mastering your subconscious mind through visualization can make all the difference to your level of weight loss success.

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