Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Weight Loss Tips to Live By

Using a food diary is a good way to keep track of what you eat and when you eat. From your entries you will realize the emotional states you experience that make you snack. Knowing that, you will be armed with information on how to reduce your eating. Closely monitoring what you are eating in this way makes it more difficult to stray from your diet.
When hunger pangs hit, you can delay eating for 10 minutes to see if they will pass. If tempted to eat sweets, go ahead and satisfy the desire but eat only a small bite and discard the rest. You may even brush your teeth afterwards to discourage you from eating any more. The sugar in sweets encourages cravings for even more sweets.
It is important to get enough sleep, possibly seven or eight hours a day. Care should be taken not to get too much sleep. Keep yourself hydrated, and consume six to eight glasses a day. Drinking water reduces water retention as it works as a diuretic on the body. Drink water before meals to help cut the appetite and will create a feeling of fullness.
Losing weight with a friend provides support to keep you going. You may also find and join support groups or create one yourself. You may plan activities that will draw your attention away from eating. If you find yourself thinking too much about food, go for a walk, or visit the gym. This works particularly well if you want to eat to ease anger you may be feeling.
Limit food temptations in the home. Instead of leaving a pie on the counter top, you may freeze it so that it is out of your sight. To stop yourself from snacking late at nights, snack on a cracker or a slice of bread to reduce the cravings. Also, drinking a glass of water or sucking on a slice of orange will reduce the hunger pangs you may experience during the night.
Many people use food to reward themselves and for celebration. Establish a different reward system by treating yourself with a non-food reward.
Weigh yourself every week around the same time of the day to avoid weight fluctuation inaccuracies since you may weigh more at night than you weigh in the morning.
Make your meals a special event. Use a special plate and a special place mat. Place the food on the place in an attractive manner. If you are a chronic over-eater, this will help focus your mind on the food to be consumed and not on the quantity of food you are eating.
Never grocery shop when you are hungry. If you do, you will tend to purchase fattening foods, and finger foods that can be eaten in large quantities. Stay away from fattening liquids, as well as alcoholic beverages. Stock up instead on air-popped, fat-free popcorn and crunchy vegetables. These foods are high in fiber and will satisfy you hunger longer.
The decision to lose weight should be done for yourself and not for another person in your life. Stay out of the kitchen except at mealtimes, always eat sitting at a table and never while watching television or while listening to the radio. Never skip meals and when you eat, focus on the food you are eating. Eat slowly while savoring each mouthful and chew each mouthful for ten to twenty seconds.
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