Sunday, 19 August 2012

All Calories Are Not Equal

ByLinda Tremer

The National Institute of Health has just published the results of a study of various diets. The results are surprising in that the conclusion is that . In fact some foods will burn calories instead of adding them to your waistline.

Researchers studied three diets, low-fat, very low carbohydrate and low-glycemic index. The very low carb diet burned the most calories of the three. A study researcher Dr. David Ludwig stated, "From a metabolic perspective, all calories are not alike. The research subjects burned 350 more calories on the low-carb diet than on the low-fat one. That's roughly equivalent to an hour of moderate physical exercise."

The low carbohydrate diet consisted of 60 percent fat, 30 percent protein, and 10 percent carbohydrate. This is similar to the Atkins diet. One drawback of this type of diet is that it is very hard to stay on it for any length of time

Participants burned about 150 more calories on the low-glycemic diet than the low-fat diet. This diet might be a little bit easier to stay on. It consists of 40 percent carbohydrate, 40 percent fat and 20 percent protein. The low-glycemic diet is similar to the Mediterranean diet.

If you want to lose weight and can't keep to a strict diet make minor adjustments to your food intake. Replace white bread, white flour, white sugar and other white carbohydrates with whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Eliminate simple carbohydrates. These are the sugars, candy bars, cookies, pastries etc. Eat unrefined whole foods and raw foods. Replace simple sugars with complex carbohydrates such as beans, lentils, and brown rice.

There are actually some foods that burn more calories than they contain. Celery, apples, oranges, tomatoes, watermelon, lettuce, and carrots are a few. Replace carbohydrates with these foods. These are foods that you can eat a lot of and will fill you up fast. These and other foods like them take more energy to digest than the calories in them.

Start slowly and learn about nutrition. Study nutrition and healthy living so that you can convince yourself that a low carbohydrate diet is the best diet for a healthy life. Once you are convinced of this it will be easier to stay on the diet.

Start with a low carbohydrate diet and add foods that burn more calories than they contain and you will be well on your way to losing more weight than you ever thought possible. Convince yourself of the health benefits of this type of diet and it will become a way of life.

Linda Tremer is the author of Food to Die For a mystery novel about genetically modified foods. She has also written The Persistent Ghost, and 57 Tips on Where To Meet The Opposite Sex. She has written many healthy living and weight loss articles for the website The Center For Weight Loss. Visit her web site

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