Monday, 20 August 2012

Apples: An Alternative Energy Boost to Coffee and Caffeine?

ByKenneth Levenstein

Have you ever eaten an apple and you suddenly get that extra burst of energy? Well that is one of the main points of this article. If you are not that fond of coffee, what are the other food items available out there that can give you perk you right up and get you energized. Well, one of the most popular food items that may seem go yield the desired effect is an apple.

First off, everyone should know that apples do not contain any caffeine. So where exactly do we get that steady increase of energy we get from eating an apple? The answer is remarkably easy. It's a little something called fructose. Fructose is a kind of sugar that is present in virtually any type of fruit. As you eat an apple or any type of fruit for that matter, you are introducing energy generating sugars into your body that is slowly digested and used up by the body because of the fiber that is present in fruits. Since it is steadily used up by the body, you don't experience that sort of sugar rush or that crash of energy afterwards where you become sleepy and tired.

While this is obviously a suitable alternative for that extra energy you need, there is still a reason why people prefer coffee and caffeine for their daily energy boost. Of course, we all know that caffeine is fast acting which means once you start drinking coffee or energy drinks with caffeine, you can almost feel its effects at that moment. It's that instant pick me up you need in the morning or in the afternoon. Apart from energy, it also keeps you alert and at top performance level. Caffeine also has several other benefits apart from the instant energy surge. Caffeine is also an excellent source of antioxidants which cleans your body of impurities.

Additionally, apart from the bodily effects of coffee, people often drink it socially. It has become a social staple in the professional life of many and even at home. Dad and Mom typically start their day with a hot cup of coffee before anything else. This gets your day going to a good start. Coffee can also be flavored with a bunch of ingredients to make them taste better like cinnamon and chocolate.

Now, if you're not quite fond of the taste of coffee but still want that energy boost provided by caffeine. You can always buy caffeine powder in bulk. This means you can add caffeine into your drink of choice and get the same effect as you would with coffee. You should follow directions when using caffeine powder though. Dosages are highly specific, and it only takes a decidedly little amount to get the energy you need for the day.

So all in all, if you want to go the healthier route and want to avoid caffeine, you can try substituting apples for your source of extra energy, but if you need that instant effect, you need caffeine.

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