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The Paleolithic Diet - Just What the Ancestors Ordered

The Paleolithic Diet, at its face, is based on the dietary habits of our ancestors. Think about it. They didn't have access to most grains and processed foods were still 2 million years in the future. Actually, they had no choice but to eat a diet consisting of animal meat that was grass fed and obviously raised in the open, fish if close to water, seasonal vegetables and fruits, in addition to roots and nuts.

Now, before we go any further, it should be noted that as with any low carb lifestyle, it has its detractors. In fact, with any quick scan of related blogs, you will see very animated exchanges. This is evident amongst the nutritional experts that lurk the corridors of our higher education institutions as well. We are not qualified to enter that fray and many of the counter arguments surely are quite factual.

The facts are that many thousands of us have lost significant weight on these types of diets. That said, we're all unique and it holds that any diet or lifestyle change affects us differently. So, seeking the advice of your trusted healthcare professional prior to beginning a new diet or exercise regimen is a pre-requisite.

Back to our ancestors' eating routine. Today, we obviously have access to an increased number and higher quality of food products that fit the Paleo diet's requirements. This diet allows for the intake of any food that could be hunted or gathered, back then and now. Once any of these foods are processed they are no longer compatible with Paleo diets. If they are sealed in any form of packaging caution should be the word. Why? Packaging in most cases (not all) hints at some form of intermediate processing such as preservatives, colorings, etc. Also, processed meats such as cold meats are a problem as well. So it is not good enough to just eat meat, fish and non-starchy vegetable. You must know where they originate and how they are handled

Keep in mind that not all acceptable foods are the same. Consumption of meats and fishes is responsibly unlimited where eggs, fruits, nuts and vegetables should be managed according the diets requirements.

Now to the bad guys. Processed foods are simply bad for you regardless of your dietary habits. Loaded with additives and preservatives, they can rob you of your health. Since most grains, dairy products, refined or processed sugars and oils were not available to our ancestors they are excluded from the diet. Water is the main hydrant with teas and occasional alcohol beverages acceptable on a limited basis.

The specifics of the Paleo diet are readily found throughout the internet.

With respect to exercise, it seems reasonable that our fore fathers (and mothers) didn't need gym memberships. Running for your life seemed to provide them with all the physical activity they needed. Not so with us, unless you frequent certain undesirable neighborhoods. So, exercise must be a component of the overall diet process. Exactly what the program should be, we believe, should be between your trusted healthcare professional and yourself. Remember, if you have been sedentary for some time, just walking stairs or the dog would make a serious positive impact on your weight loss and body shape.

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