Saturday, 27 October 2012

Simple But NOT EASY Weight Loss

Many of us want to reveal our "hidden six pack" before the summer season and I have the simple formula to achieve just that.

It is a simple two part process:

1) cut back your caloric intake by 500 calories a day. This is a minuscule amount of calories that adds up to a pound a week. This means portion control and avoiding a heaping dessert. You can still eat sweets etc. but just don't over eat. Eating at a slower pace is one simple trick to allow your brain to catch up to your stomach, letting you know that you are full.

2) This second step is crucial to losing the unwanted pounds. It involves the dreaded EXERCISE. Do not dismay. The exercise involved is minimal but has phenomenal results! The program involves a treadmill and a stopwatch. Most treadmills have timers attached to them so that makes it easy to track our progress. Depending on your current health status, start out by setting the treadmill at an incline of 8 and a speed of 4. Keep your hands on the rails for one minute then remove your hands for one minute. Do this for a total of ten minutes then raise the incline to 10 and lower the speed to 3. Repeat the one minute on and one minute off routine for another ten minutes then drop the incline down to 4 and the speed to 2. Finish the last ten minutes with the same one minute on one minute off program until you reach a total of 30 minutes. Congratulations! You have just spent 30 minutes on the treadmill and burned a good amount of calories. Once this becomes too easy for you, move on to the next, more advanced program.

The more advanced program involves setting the incline at 6 and the speed at 6. The trick here is that you let the treadmill run for 30 seconds with your feet on either side of the track. Then, you jump onto the track and run for 30 seconds then jump off for 30seconds. Repeat this process for ten minutes then bump up the incline to 10 and the speed down to 3 for another series of 30 seconds on and off for the next ten minutes. You will feel like stopping at about 15 minutes BUT DON'T DO IT! The final ten minutes involves dropping the incline down to zero and increasing the speed to as high as it will allow without stopping. This is about 9 for me because of my 250lbs but it may be 10 or more for you.

I have used the above technique, alternating the first and second versions every other day, to lose 10 pounds in a single week! There is a HUGE CAVEAT however! Burning all of these calories WILL MAKE YOU HUNGRY! Do Not give in to this hunger or you will undo all the progress you are making. Find a good green drink to curb your hunger and enable your body to adjust to the new level of health that you have created.

This is a simple, but NOT easy, way to lose weight quickly, safely and permanently IF you don't give in to the cravings you WILL experience. All the best and know that YOU CAN DO IT!

Finding your Hidden Six Pack is simple... but not easy. Dr John DeWitt has over 12 years of professional football experience and has gone on to become a healthcare professional. He has used all of the above techniques and is a sports nutrition specialist as well. Go to to get more information about finding the right weight loss program for you.

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