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Avoid the diet and instead choose a diet to maintain a healthy and sustainable weight

Diet and Nutrition
You diet? In the local today's diet came to an understanding, to lose weight. The food and drinks that consume continues to diet and weight loss can (paleo diet, South Beach Diet, etc.), cause weight gain (Bodybuilding Diet, etc.) or weight (healthy eating).
While it may seem like it's all just semantics to play, this is the big difference between them. If you lose weight diet, you are probably making a mistake-most diet find ' Yo-Yo ' dieting forever syndrome, lose a few pounds, then they reset over and over again, often resulting in slowly increasing their total weight.
You start seriously most diets restrict calories and drink plenty of water. Severely limit their calorie intake works only for a very short period of time-usually your body slows down metabolism (the speed at which it consumes energy) accounts by the end of the first week in the lower supply. You may lose one or two pounds weight of true body, but most will increase absorption of water loss.
The body of a truly effective in their work, and water is the single most important part of your diet. Can people on approximately 30 days without food, but shut down system will be without water for 6-7 days. As a result your body retains water, based on supply and demand. If you regularly drink more water, your body does not see the need, so much to save so that it releases its water stores anymore. How to increase your water consumption during diet, your body is more fat more easily carry less water than burned.
And what happens when you have reached your goal weight and end your diet? Go back to your "normal" number of calories, but now your metabolism is slower, so you actually have more calories surplus than before you started dieting. If and as long as your metabolic rate will return to store the excess as body fat as insurance against the following deficit. And it's less the same with water-when you start to drink, your body will return to save more of them.
The Result? Has your weight in a short period of time before more than initial weight again went further and you are in weight loss diet. Not quite what you had hoped for, was it? This time the break to get the cycle and to maintain a healthy body.
Assess current eating and start if necessary, make any necessary changes. You will need 3 times a day, each with a mixture of fibrous carbohydrates, protein quality and some healthy fats in food. Replace white bread, whole grain bread, sandwiches, etc. really good breakfast-no sugar-laden cereals and salt Laden Instant Oatmeal or toast and coffee. Instead, go to Bacon and eggs, oatmeal, and eggs or grapefruit and protein shake, for example.
Dinner tuna, salmon or have a small percentage of lean red meat with a side of roasted or steamed vegetables or salad but skip the useless calories from fat dressings and opt for oil and vinegar or a drizzle of olive oil. Lunch should be fish, chicken or lean red meat and green vegetables or beans. Pour half of the plate to get the best results for a couple of vegetables.
If you want to have a snack in the afternoon or after dinner, choose fruit, weighing peanuts or walnuts. Keep in mind that while healthy, any calories is so limit how you afford. If you are one hour before going to bed is still hungry, treat yourself to a cup of cottage cheese. The cheese is high casein phospho proteins slowly digesting protein, which not only helps to curb hunger, but keeps the body burn more calories while you sleep your body digests it.
Check whether you are traveling in the direction of your goal weight loss your weight around once a week. It is always better as the first morning on the growth, which bring to test. Their weight ranges from a few pounds during the day, so it is best to test at the same time of day, and doing the first thing that helps to eliminate fluctuations in food.
If you progress, just keep doing what you're not making any changes to try and rush this process. Let you customize your body and continue to own preferred price. On the other hand if you still lose, try something to cut calories at each meal, either replace the additional protein a little portion of carbohydrate.
Once you have the goal weight, keep monitoring for another couple of weeks. When your body will drop more weight on your part before you level up easily. Now when you reach your weight you would like to stay, easy to maintain, because you are already more appropriate right to maintain weight-other changes are necessary, because now you live the lifestyle and a healthy diet food. And till the time strange slipping, you should increase your event, even go for a couple walks a day usually helps hide your thermal leaks!
D. Champigny is a certified personal trainer, editor, flirt with fitness website and magazine. You can more health, fitness, training and nutrition tips from him on his blog, over and over again in the form

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