Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fastest Way To Lose Belly Fat - Use Variable Workouts To End The Plateau Effect For Good

It's a fact of life in working out that you eventually hit that annoying plateau in training at some point. The fastest way to lose belly fat is actually to mix up your routine to avoid that work out plateau. Everyone's been there - you're moving right along a few weeks/months, losing fat, toning the midsection, looking better and then it just hits. You find yourself slowing down on the gains and sometimes even weaker than you were a few weeks ago.
The problem is these plateaus occur because people aren't mixing up their routines enough. Many will stay with the same type of exercises and routines, same sets and reps and rest periods and that just doesn't cut it if you're trying to lose belly fat. Not to mention the same old cardio routine. What you need to do is become creative. Your body is becoming "adjusted" and you're not confusing the muscles enough anymore.
So if you're looking to keep your belly fat off and/or toning the muscles than there are ways to vary and modify your training routines. Typically people think this just means changing up the amount of sets and reps you're doing but changing your routine is also a good idea.
Here are the variables that get you off the plateau and back to making serious weight loss gains - changing the order of exercises (sequence), exercise grouping, type of exercises (multi-joint or isolated), number of exercises in your workout routine, resistance, volume of work (sets, reps etc), rest period, speed of exercise, range of motion, training duration of workout and frequency of workout per week.
Hopefully that doesn't sound like too much for you to consider. These are some great elements to vary in your workouts to maximize losing belly fat and your body toning goals. Here are a few more to get your mind going.
Typically, most people think 3 sets of 10-12 reps is the way to go per exercise with a brief rest of 1-2 minutes. Well this gets quite boring over the course of a few weeks and your body isn't dumb! Your body gets bored too and that's why your gains become minimal.
Give 10 sets of 3 reps with a medium weight a try and short rests.
Go a little heavier on weight and complete 6 sets at 6 reps with a spring on the treadmill in between sets.
Use an almost max weight and do 10 sets of 1 rep. Sounds crazy but give it a try.This time go with a lighter weight and do 1 set at 50 reps!Try a workout based on only one full body exercise, such as barbell clean & presses or dumbbell squat & presses, and do nothing but that exercise for an intense 20 minutes.Try a circuit of 12 different exercises covering the entire body without any rest between exercises.Try that same 12 exercise circuit on your subsequent workout, but do the entire circuit in the reverse order.Try your usual exercises at a faster repetition speed on one workout and then at a super-slow speed on your next workout.Try five smaller 30 minute workouts one week then the following week do three one hour workouts.
If you really focus on mixing up your exercise routines and keeping your body guessing this really is the fastest way to lose belly fat.
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