Monday, 11 June 2012

Fat Burning Exercises for Women - Are You Ready to Put in the Effort?

Most women are keen to learn fat burning exercises for women but the important question is whether they are ready to put in the effort. Before starting an exercise routine it is important to understand the reasons behind it. If the aim is to get rid of the excessive fat, then be ready to put in the effort. The intensity rather than the duration of the workout is effective in burning the fat. When the intensity is high, more calories are burnt and when calories are burnt the fat loss starts to happen.
The most important decision is to choose those fat burning exercises for women that are suited to your normal lifestyle. So, if the lady is used to walking she should select an exercise which adds that extra intensity when she is doing this familiar physical activity.It will be easy to graduate from leisurely walking to a more intense power walking style. As she progresses well she will see the loss of weight happening and will be enthused into putting in that extra intensity to accelerate the fat loss. So, from power walking she may ease into jogging and then running. The idea is to add intensity to your exercise activity.
If the lady likes to swim and is a fairly good swimmer then it is not going to be a wise suggestion to ask her to choose walking and jogging. She may be better off choosing fat burning exercises for women in the swimming pool. There are a few fat burning workouts that can be done in the swimming pool which add intensity to the workout and result in rapid fat loss. Choosing a workout routine that is totally unfamiliar to you may require a lot of new learning and effort. There is a risk of losing interest and not continuing with it after a few attempts.
Another important factor which can help is the time of day when you choose to work out. The best time would be after a good night's sleep. The body is rested and the stomach is empty. So, if you start an intense workout in the morning after warming up carefully the body will be forced to use the body fat reserves. The early morning fat burning exercises for women can be really useful as the body has to rely on the stored fat and not use up the energy stored after a meal. But there is a downside to this idea. Because the stomach is empty you may not be able to add the intensity to your fat burning workouts and if you are not careful you may experience fatigue and may have to go to work with a tired body.
While getting rid of fat in your calorie burning furnace it is important to have reasonably long and intense workouts followed by rest and recovery periods. The idea is to sustain the intense routine long enough so that the fat loss kicks in and afterwards have a rest and recovery period before you start on another of those intense fat burning exercises for women.

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