Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Help, Why I Can't Lose Weight?

Why Can't I Lose Weight?
Have you ever weighed yourself convinced you've lost weight only to find you haven't, or even worse you put on a few pounds? I've been there too. It's so discouraging especially when you thought you'd managed to avoid all those temptations.
So where are you going wrong? It's not an easy question to answer. But if you want to lose weight and stay healthy you have to work out what you need to do to achieve your goals.
Frame Of Mind
Ask yourself, what kind of frame of mind am I in? Do you really want to lose weight? Or is it something you think (or other people think) you probably should do? If you aren't fully committed to the job you won't succeed. You'll find any excuse to cheat on your diet. So ask yourself a few questions and see where that leads you.
Deciding that you do want to continue is a major step in itself. You've consciously made a decision to lose weight. So pat yourself on the back and take the next step towards success. Keep in mind what you want to achieve and think about all the things that go with it. Perhaps if you're slimmer you'll feel more attractive or more confident.
Imagine yourself wearing the little black dress you've been trying to fit in to or that great new bikini you want to wear on the beach. If you're tempted to cheat just remember all the things you're trying to achieve and how great they make you feel. Are you willing to give it up for that snack or those chocolates?
Water Retention
You might find that your weight fluctuates by a few pounds during the month (this generally applies to ladies). This could be due to water retention.
When your hormones change during the month you often feel bloated just before your period begins. It's enough to increase your weight slightly so remember to take it into account when you weigh yourself. Perhaps you might prefer to wait until after your period before you get on the scales.
Hidden Calories
Since I seriously decided to lose weight I've turned into one of those people who stand in supermarkets reading the labels on packaging. I suggest you try it next time you shop. You'll be amazed at how many calories are in the most innocent looking foods.
Calories are not the only thing to look out for. Many processed foods are packed with salt and additives. Some so called healthy snacks are filled with salt in an attempt to make them taste better.
Try to avoid convenience foods and choose fresh food instead. It's easier to control how much you eat and they don't contain any unnatural ingredients.
Fat Content
The fat content in food can also be surprisingly high. Dairy products can vary considerably in fat content. Try to choose the low fat version or buy a smaller size carton to try to limit your intake. Take a look at the sauces you put on your food. You might be turning a healthy meal into one smothered in saturated fat.
Most supermarkets take the trouble to display the fat content on their food packaging nowadays. Take a note of the saturated fat content. Food with a fat content of approximately 3 grams or less is considered to be low in fat. So choose carefully.
Portion Sizes
Do you actually know how much you eat? Stop and think about how much food is on your plate. We are conditioned from childhood to finish the food we are given. Even if you feel full you are more likely to keep eating if there is still food on your plate.
The easiest way to lose weight is to reduce your portion sizes. Don't add that extra spoonful. It may help if you use a smaller plate. You can always refrigerate or freeze left over food.
In a short time your stomach will learn to expect less food, so if you do eat that extra spoonful your stomach will feel distended and make you feel uncomfortable.
Learn to recognise the signals that tell you when you're full and stop eating. It may sound simple but many overweight people have lost the ability to recognise this signal.
How active are you? Activity doesn't have to mean a workout at the gym. Even housework is good exercise. If you sit while you work you are less likely to use the same amount of energy as someone who is on their feet all day.
Try using a pedometer and see how much you actually move around. Then set yourself a target and try to increase your activity gradually. It's the easiest way to burn more calories.
Make a Plan
Don't leave your weight loss diet or activities to chance. Write down a list of the things you want to do and how you're going to achieve them. Don't try to do too much at once. You might be setting yourself up to fail. Set yourself a realistic task or target every day and build on it as you go.
You are more likely to succeed if you build on your small successes. As you become more confident you may be able to take larger steps towards your goals.
Make sure you carry your plan with you and remember to take it out and check it every day. It will reinforce your successes and keep you in the right frame of mind. Before you know it you'll be wearing that bikini on the beach and you'll wonder why you didn't lose weight years ago.
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