Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Low Carb and Loving It

When I think of eating low-carb, I like to put a positive spin on the idea. Rather than thinking of what all I may have to give up -I prefer replacing that thought with what all I can gain by not only eating healthy but just feeling better.
There are so many wonderful foods God has given us that are satisfying and very tasty and that do not contain sugar or wheat -both of which can pack the pounds on quickly!
Why eat low-carb anyway?
There are several reasons why we should watch our carb intake. While our bodies need healthy carbohydrates, more often that not, we consume too many carbs, most of which are very unhealthy.
When unhealthy or "simple" carbs enter our bodies, they breakdown into sugar and then get stored as fat. Additionally, too much sugar content can cause a host of health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even cancer.
Eating too many of the wrong/unhealthy carbs can even contribute to aching musles and joints and inflammation. This is something I have experienced personally. However, once my body has rid itself of sugars and breads, those aches and pains begin to diminish!
See if this sounds familiar:
You grab a Pop-Tart for breakfast and maybe a diet soda. For lunch you run to the nearest fast food spot and scarf down a cheese burger, fries and drink. About mid afternoon you reach for that Snickers bar and for dinner, it's spaghetti and garlic bread!
Not a single healthy carb is this meal plan! Yet, millions of Americans eat like this every day.
What would be a healthier choice?
How about a protein bar or shake for breakfast, healthy salad with grilled chicken for lunch, a small apple and 6 almonds for mid afternoon snack and a 6oz steak with mixed veggies for dinner?
Not only will you cut down on carbs with this meal change, you'll also cut calories, helping you shed those unwanted pounds and keep your heart and entire body healthy. And those aches and pains will begin to slowly go away.
Here are a few small tips for when you must eat out:
- take the bun off your burger. Replace the bun with two large lettuce leaves. Many fast food restaurants now offer a low-carb version of their burgers.
- order a side salad instead of fries
- cauliflower instead of mashed or baked potatoes
- water instead of coke. Add a squeeze of lemon and carry Stevia packets with you for a nice lemon aid.
And being prepared ahead of time will help steer you any from those sugary, white flour temptations much easier.
- keep healthy, high protein, low carb snacks in your purse or car
- think before you bite!
- plan where you'll eat that day and what you'll order BEFORE you arrive
- keep a log of everything you eat
- drink LOTS of water
- exercise regularly
Beginning to get the idea? So, the next time you're at your local grocer, look around at all Nature has provided us in the form of fresh veggies, nuts, legumes, fruits and lean meats.
Just a few minor changes and you'll be on your way to a healthier you and may shed a few pounds in the process.
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