Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Successful Weight Loss Now - How to Avoid The Supermarket Trap

If you want to start to enjoy successful weight loss now you must learn how to avoid the dreaded supermarket trap. This is indeed a trap from the back of the supermarket to the checkout counter you are channelled and funnelled past an array of junk foods and tasty treats until you arrive at the checkout which is literally surrounded by sweet snacks.
At a recent supermarket outing as I waited patiently in line at the so x-press lane I saw cola, chocolate, potato chips, lollies and crumpets in huge stacks all discounted. The were positioned so that I couldn't ignore them.
In fact the entire centre of the supermarket is just one big dietary disaster. The centre is where all the tinned canned and packaged processed foods are. There is very little in these areas which are compatible with a healthy weight loss diet.
The outside of the supermarket is where the food is. Think about your local supping centre. The fruit and veg are on the outside. The meats and dairy are on the edge, the deli and fish are on the outside.
The breads are also on the edge. The layout of supermarkets is constructed by marketing psychologists. They know how to real you in with sale items placed at the start of the isles.
They know all the tricks to lure you into making purchases that aren't good for you. But you even need to be aware of the items around the edge. Especially in the refrigerated section. e.g you are looking to buy some yoghurt.
You decide on low fat because you are on a diet. Here's the tricky part. The full fat yoghurt is about 400 kilojoules per 100 grams. However the low fat version which is better for us has 440 kilojoules per 100 grams! But why is this the case.
When the fat is taken out the texture of the yoghurt is lost. In order to create a full thick texture the manufacturers add in carbohydrate to thicken it. The net result is that there is more energy in the low fat version.
Do all manufactures do this, no, some add in artificial thickening agents, which are a completely different problem. Now you liver has to work hard to metabolise these chemicals. Be aware when choosing low fat foods, they can be high in sugar or contain artificial sweeteners'. We use hypnosis to help you make consistently health choices.
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