Thursday, 7 June 2012

Lose Weight - Drop the Fast Food Habit Now!

Food Not Bombs flyer New weight loss tipsI read an article not too long ago about a man who wanted 4 fast food chains to pay him a settlement in court for serving him "finger licking food that made him fat!" Supposedly the man claimed, "They never explained to me what I was eating!" How silly is that? Or is it? Do you really know what you are putting in your body after that 5 minute wait in the drive-through?It is silly at first thought but most of us don't realize just what we are doing to our bodies with this fast food fare. Besides causing obesity, fast food can cause many ailments, diabetes and heart problems are a couple of these unhealthy results.
Face it, our bodies were never made for the constant intake of junk fuel! You would not put sugar or garbage in your gas tank would you? Still we seem to do just that when we eat the wrong or harmful foods that are so easily available.
What would happen if you poured a little oil into your gas tank? You just wouldn't do that would you? No way! Yet we see people do this in droves everyday at fast food joints and think nothing of it! Everyone else does it, so it must be alright, right? No!
Most people take better care of their cars than do their own bodies. What would you do if you pulled up to some gas station that had two nozzles, one for junk fuel and one for healthy fuel? It would be too silly an option wouldn't it? All things being even, most would opt for the better fuel right? Get the good stuff, because this is my car, this is valuable. What do you think your body is? It is all important!
So why do so many go for the fast food option? The answer is pretty easy. Convenience! This has to be the number one reason so many of us choose to eat this nasty form of food! Even I can attest that this artery clogging, heart stopping junk tastes pretty darn good! But at what price I ask?
Old habits are hard to kill, but in fact we are slowly killing ourselves when we eat so poorly. What if that healthy fuel nozzle costs the same or less than the bad fuel nozzle, wouldn't you at least try out the good fuel and see how it performs?
Would you be willing to at least try the good fuel for a week maybe? I understand that it takes about 30 days to break a bad habit. So would it make sense to try to eat healthy for at least this first week? Maybe two? Try for the full thirty days and see and feel the difference! You will be pleasantly surprised, i promise!
Just think of the positive benefits you would gain if you prepared healthy foods at home! If you feel like you would be lost as to what to eat and be safe and healthy to lose weight and feel great, don't! You are not alone and you don't have to eat tasteless foods or" rabbit" food to do this the right way either.
Well for starters, most of us work outside the home and have access to a microwave and a refrigerator right? If you don't, you could spend a couple dollars on a cooler and a drink container at least, and prepare your own meals that are way healthier than any golden arches or the paper crown place for sure!
In order to conquer the fast food cravings and habit we can prepare a meal that is cheaper and better fuel for our bodies than anything you can buy at the burger joints. I made the gradual change myself and every once in a while if I cave in to a fast food craving, not only do i feel guilty- I literally feel sick after scarfing down that slider and fries! No good!
The only fast food franchise that is considered heart healthy in the U. S is Subway! That is a fact. You can Google it and see for yourself that this is true.
Don't take my word for it, how about listening to two expert nutritionist's and see what is their idea for the best foods for weight loss and over all maintenance.
Now I don't consider myself an expert on weight loss because I wrote a couple good articles about this subject,but i do keep in touch with two nutrition experts any time i have a question about what to eat and you can too!

If you haven't picked up a be guided by of my Truth about Six Pack Abs
book yet, do yourself a favor, and use the money you would have wasted on your next bottle of accessory pills or powder, and discover the program that will adjust you lean, healthy, and ripped for the rest of your life, not just the next 2 weeks!
I'll be back in touch soon with additional Lean-Body Secrets. I also have a couple fabulous lean-body recipes coming up over the next few weeks that I think you'll enjoy, so hang on

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