Friday, 8 June 2012

Weight Loss - Cut the Soft Drink Habit Now!

Soft drinks on shelves in a Woolworths superma... New weight loss tipsI was at a picnic last week and heard a family member nag at one of her boys"Stay away from the soda pop, it will rot your teeth!" This while she was drinking a large glass of diet Pepsi.She didn't seem aware of how silly that sounded with a straw stuck in the corner of her mouth and sipping away!
It is a fact that older women are most at risk for from health problems stemming from drinking Cola and other nasty soft drinks!
It seems about every few months or so there is a new warning about the health risks of drinking too much soda. I know most of you think you have heard it all before, but recently there has been many warnings for women about their soft drink addiction or habit.
You see women are at a much greater risk of osteoporosis or bone thinning as they get older. Most of us don't realize that drinking cola and soft drinks increases the risk by as much as 50% and causes the disease to progress even faster! It's like throwing a cup of gas on a fire to put it out!
The phosphoric acid that makes the fizzy drinks get their bubbly fizz actually is what eats away at bone and making the bones more porous and fragile.
This news is scary but has been known for a while and now it seems that scientist have found out that it weakens the muscle tissue as well!
According to the Journal of International clinical Practice, drinking a daily cola or two causes the Potassium levels in the blood to fall, which would lead to a major health problem. It makes you feel weak and dizzy and causes muscles to get soft and flabby. sound familiar? Look at any regular fast food chain and notice the shape of the average customer who has to have a cola drink with every meal!
The researchers are not quite sure how the soft drinks are causing a potassium deficiency-but they can theorize that the kidneys get flooded with sugar and caffeine which causes them to filter out too much potassium from cells. This is a double dangerous whammy for older women who have a higher risk of falling and getting a hip fracture than men!
The real message here is that we need more calcium and other bone and muscle-building nutrients that are lacking in these junk food diets.
I see that drinking bottled water is the best substitute for these cola drinks and should be seriously adopted into your daily intake at every meal. No surprise there I'm sure. You can drink green tea or iced tea with a touch of milk in it too. I know it sounds different but if you try it you just might be surprised how good it tastes.
Personally I have quit drinking any soda or cola for the last 2 years now and I feel 100% better and have dropped over 35 lbs in the process-and that was in the first 3 months! Just a simple little change in your daily habits at the dinner table is all it takes to make a major difference and see the weight loss you have been wanting for so long!
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