Friday, 8 June 2012

Simple Changes to Lose Weight Gradually

English: a fruit salad Deutsch: ein Obstsalat New weight loss tips2 Simple Ways to Begin Your Weight Loss Plan
1. Change the size of portions you normally eat.
2. Switch what you eat to good foods and stay away from the junk food.
This is where a lot of people get into trouble, don't try to change both at once.
Example: It is much easier to eat 2 pieces of chicken than three, rather than switch from 3 pieces of chicken to a salad, right?
Sure eating the salad would be the ideal choice but we have to be realistic too. You might be able to eat the salads for a week or two, but we know that you will get tired of them fast and back into the same eating habits you had.
Remember we are trying to make a permanent eating change, not just a "diet" for a month or so.
Here are some tips you might look at to help reduce the quantities of food you eat.

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