Sunday, 22 July 2012

How Can Grains and Fibers Help in Losing Weight?

High Fiber Cereal - now with TWIGS!!!High Fiber Cereal - now with TWIGS!!! (Photo credit: Chasqui (Luis Tamayo))
So, you just decided to go on a diet, and the first thing your dietician tells you is to increase your fiber intake through different methods. Whether adding more fibrous food to your diet, to giving you additives that has more fiber, your dietician made it a point to give you extra fibers which you can feel is essential. But have you ever wondered why fibers are an important ingredient in weight loss? Here is an explanation about the role of fibers in maintaining and lowering your body weight.
When you eat, the body breaks down the components to its most basic form, after which, they can be directly absorbed by the body. Now, most edible products are made of either simple or complex compounds. For example, when you consume sugar, it being a simple compound, gets absorbed to the body almost instantly. As a result, you get an immediate energy rush that courses through your body. This phenomenon is known as "sugar rush". It takes the body a very limited amount of energy to go through the entire process. However, the sugar that was released into the bloodstreams contained way more calories than the amount required to burn it. Result - the sugar gets stored in the body if it is not doing any further action for a while.
On the other hand, when you are eating complex food, like grains, nuts and fibers, it takes a considerable amount of work for the body to break them down. While simple compounds can absorb into the body's bloodstream quite easily, it is difficult for blood to absorb complex carbohydrates and fats unless it is broken down to its simplest forms. Fibrous food like steel-cut oats, whole wheat, and several types of vegetables contain high amount of fibers which actually helps the body into doing more work. So, a lot of doctors actively recommend different kinds of whole grains and fibers into their daily life. For example, you would find that brown rice is considered to be more beneficial for the body.
This is because, brown rice tends to be less processed and has got a lot of fibers in it that is broken down and removed when the brown rice is converted to white. So, eating brown rice is more beneficial for the body, and induces weight loss within a short period of time, as the body works more. Would you give it a try?

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