Monday, 20 August 2012

Do NOT Exercise To Lose Weight

Yup... you read that right.

The title does sound slightly bonkers.

But, in my experience, it's true.

Here's why.

Most diets and weight loss sites talk about exercise in terms of 'burning calories'.

As in, if you run for 20 minutes you'll 'burn off' the chocolate chip cookie that accompanied your mid-morning cuppa.

Or, say you had a Big Mac for lunch? Well, a three-hour-run will 'cancel out' those calories.

But, by thinking of exercise as 'burning off' or 'cancelling out', you inadvertently reduce exercise to a numbers game.

The problem with thinking of exercise with this numbers mindset is that your workouts will be short-lived.

Very short-lived.

You'll give up.

You'll quit.

Exercising will feel like a torture session where you're 'make up' for the guilty pleasure of having eaten something yum.

And eating will seem like a naughty pleasure where X no. of cookies

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