Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Weight Loss Through The Power Of Positive Thinking

BySean MacDonald

Many people want to lose weight and continually try with results that leave them feeling like they are on a roller-coaster. It seems despite the myriad diets tried in trying to drop the weight; the weight is either gained back or the results are disappointing.

One of the main reasons this happens to so many people trying to lose weight is due to their beginning the process with a mindset of failure instead of success. Even if the mindset is not necessarily negative there is still a lack of confidence as well as that of planning and goal setting, critical in achieving any milestone in life.

I once heard a gentleman that I know say something very profound. Not quoting him, basically he said that anyone can do anything as long as they are willing to step a little outside of their comfort zone. For example, most people can learn to play guitar, but many don't because they will not venture beyond the comfort zone. Stepping beyond the comfort zone in this scenario is actually taking the time, one hour or even half an hour daily to physically do something, in this case practice. It requires effort. Not a lot, just consistent.

Just like learning a new instrument or skill, losing weight is going to require some effort, a stepping outside the comfort zone. Unfortunately, the battle is lost before it begins, because it was lost in the mind with negativity. A thought creeps in like "I've tried so many diets and nothing works for me," thus ringing the death knell of the diet. The mind is a very powerful tool which can work for us or against us. Have you ever known someone who, when cold and flu season arrive, confidently informs everyone they are quite certain they are going to become sick; and in short order they in fact actually become ill with a cold or flu?

Thinking this way is not only counterproductive to moving forward in any endeavor, it is dangerous in the implications it can have upon interpersonal relationships, ability to cope with stress, and self-image. For the person who is trying to lose weight, these types of thought processes are diet killers and weight gain fillers.

How then shall we think? This is by far the greatest challenge and yet the most powerful tool in the battle of the bulge that so many desperately want to win. Change your thinking. This will take focused and concentrated effort. It requires practice just like learning guitar or how to become a skilled craftsman.

When the negative thoughts enter your mind, immediately replace them with positive thoughts that support and encourage. Think not of the number of diets tried and failed but rather of the success you are going to have. Engage in positive self-talk combined with audibly spoken positive affirmations. In other words, talk to yourself in a positive manner, and speak out loud to yourself statements that enforce what you are trying to achieve and are encouragements to yourself. These must be unique to you and your situation of which only you can know. To provide an idea however, something like, "I am excited that I am going to lose this weight", or "I am strong and confident and will achieve my goal." These are general but they provide the type of thinking to enforce.

There will be mental effort, physical effort, and emotional battles all well within your ability to overcome and rise above; especially if you repeat this to yourself every day, out loud for several minutes while engaged in daily tasks. When a person repeats an activity every day for thirty days, they will have achieved a habit. If you continue your audible affirmations for ninety days, you will have changed your thinking.

Keep in mind that this positive change in thinking, as healthy and uplifting as it is, will not shed the weight if there is no change in sedentary habits and diet. It is obviously important to get up and move which includes anything from taking a walk to a rigorous physical exercise program. The important point here is to prepare the mind to control the body. Bring the flesh into submission.

When considering your diet, instead of focusing on food you should avoid, which is promoting negativity, think instead of the exciting changes in what, when, and the way you eat. This promotes a more positive thinking process. Embracing the challenge of weight loss and adopting a new lifestyle of diet and exercise is exciting and positive. It is filled with discovery of different dishes and cooking styles, including new things and even tastes.

The most rewarding part of this whole process is that you will become more confident and self-assured. Why? Because you're changing the way you think and building upon those positive attributes. Additionally, by changing your diet to that of healthy foods filled with nutrients and vitamins, such as fresh fruits and raw and slightly steamed vegetables, overall health and wellness is going to get better and better, and that feels great!

Of course when entering into any type of exercise and diet program, there are many other factors that must also be considered. Every individual is different and has various circumstances that are unique to them. So take on the positive challenge, but do so with good research and preparations, asking questions of your doctor or nutritionist to ensure you are doing what is personally best for you. Just keep in mind something very important about other people; with everything in life you undertake that is positive, somewhere out there is what my beloved sister used to refer to as "energy vampires". I have always called them "negative nillies". Remember not to allow them to steal your thunder; stay the course, stay positive, and stay outside that comfort zone and you will succeed, and that is the whole point of all of this. Live happily, eat healthily, and be well.

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