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10 Surprisingly Slimming Foods

ByZino Ferlando

It is very obvious that your diet decides whether you gain or lose weight. Naturally skinny person can eat in moderation whatever they like to eat in a day. On other hand, overweight or obese individuals don't give second thought to when and what they eat in their daily routine which results in putting on extra kilos day by day.

But don't worry as nothing is impossible! If you really want to get into shape and shed those extra kilos, then slowly try to skip out high calorie deserts, junk food and start adding slimming food to your weight loss diet plan.

Now you must be wondering what are slimming foods? Slimming food is nothing but an ordinary food which might not look like much when they are just placed at the kitchen shelf counter, but actually they are very beneficial in losing weight as they are packed with essential nutrients, anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins that help you slim down and give energy for workout. These slimming food are low in calories and high in fat-burning compounds.

Here we have listed 10 slimming foods for you:

Curry: You might like to eat Indian or Thai curry. So this is good news for you all because curry which is mainly prepared with hot chilli pepper, contains metabolism reviving ingredient called capsaicin which boosts your weight loss efforts.

Cheese: Although cheese is calorie dense, but study shows that women who ate small amount of full fat cheese daily gain lesser weight than those less cheesy peers. Add ounce of low fat cheese daily to your diet.

Mixed Nuts: Nuts are something which keep you full for long time. Study says eating mixed nuts can increase your serotonin level which ultimately improves your frame of mind, decreases your craving and is also good for heart.

Apples: An apple is rich in pectin, a dietary fibre and high water content. They contain both weight bursting fibres: soluble which helps in prevent blood sugar level and insoluble fibre makes you feel full.

Eggs: Eggs are well known for great source of proteins. Recent studies show that eating an egg or two on regular basis won't increase LDL cholesterol levels. Rather nutrient density of eggs makes them a valuable contributor for supplying essential nutrients to overall diet.

Lemon: Lemon is diuretic in nature and must be consumed with water. It helps in shedding extra water weight and also acts as a cleansing agent of liver.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon helps in reducing blood sugar level which actually helps to prevent storage of sugar as fat in body. It also adds taste and gives wonderful flavor to the food.

Cauliflower: When you are serious about losing weight then eating starch free cauliflower is one of the best options that too in unlimited amount. It contains cancer fighting phytonutrient sulforaphane and also good amount of vitamin C and folate which may helps you in weight loss program. This is one of the best slimming foods for weight loss.

Fish: Another surprisingly slimming food is fish. Fish is good source of protein. Study reveals that protein rich fish lunch meal can cut down calorie intake as it is number one most filling food.

Salad: Whenever you think of dieting, add fresh vegetables salad and fruit salad to your diet plan. Salad keeps you full for longer and reduces your appetite. This is again the best slimming food diet plan one can opt for weight loss program.

These are few slimming foods that can be added to your diet plan and you can enjoy their benefits in weight loss. Share your ideas and views here in comments.


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