Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What Exactly Causes Cellulite?

When the skin on the tummy, upper thighs and buttocks are dimpled and looks like the peel of an orange or cottage cheese, these patches are called cellulite. These are fatty deposits that generally appear on women but some men also have them. The reason for such wrinkles or dimples is when the fat cells get into the collagen fibers and layers of skin. There are many possible causes of cellulite which this article shall focus on.

One of the causes of these fatty deposits is poor blood flow that weakens or starves the tissues. When this happens, the area of these tissues may develop a dimpled appearance.
It is thus important to improve the blood flow to this area so as to remove this orange peel look.

Another primary cause of cellulite is diet. A study shows that when the body lacks green leafy vegetables and water, this will make the skin have the dimpled look. The intake of salt and carbohydrates inflame fat cells which cause such fatty deposits.

Genetics is also a cause of fatty deposits. Many people go through a diet and regular exercise but they still achieve dimpled skin in their bodies. If this runs in the family, the members are prone to having it as well.

Another cause of these fatty deposits is the lack of regular physical workouts. When one has a passive and sedentary lifestyle, he is prone to accumulate fats and gain weight. There will be pockets of these fatty deposits that would form in the different parts of the body. It is thus important to exercise often to have a shapely physique.

Another cause of this dimpling is linked to smoking. Smoking welcomes toxins into the body that would worsen the dimpled appearance. People who already have such patches of these fatty deposits should refrain from smoking. Smoking also severely affects the health of a person.

There are also foods that cause this orange peel look because of the damage they inflict on cells and the oxidation and dehydration they cause. These are foods filled with trans fat and they change the structure of healthy cells thus damaging and mutating fat layer cells. Other foods to avoid are those that have hydrogenated ingredients. Foods with sodium or salt should be shunned away from such as those served in fast foods.

In the end, know that there are different cellulite treatments that can be tried to get rid of this unsightly appearance of the skin.

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