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Diet Foods: Planning an Effective Menu

ByAce Abbey

When it comes to losing weight, working out is the easy part. What really challenges those who likely struggle with issues at the dinner table to begin with is planning a menu that is low in calories, healthy, and is easy to stick with. You can starve yourself for a few days, but eventually your natural impulses are going to take over. You have to find diet foods you like that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle for as long as it takes to lose the weight (and then beyond). To say this is a challenge is an understatement, which is why so many people have a terrible time losing weight. Here, however, are some tips that can help you succeed.

Plan Your Calories

The most important part of designing an effective weight loss menu is determining how many calories you need to cut in order to create a deficit. There are several web sites you can visit to get an approximate number. These calculators will take into account your weight, sex, activity level, and age to determine how many calories you can consume each day and still lose weight. Don't get attached to that number, however. Use it for a week or two and re-evaluate. You may need to cut more from the plan, increase your exercise, or may even find that you can add some back in.

Reading and Weighing

Labels and a kitchen scale will become your best friends when trying to find diet foods that fit into your meal plan. An important component of any good weight loss plan is fresh food. This means fresh chicken, beef, vegetables, and fruits. These don't usually come in set serving sizes that you can easily dial into your plan. You'll need to weigh them so you know exactly how many calories you're taking in. If you're eating something such as fresh fruit that doesn't come with a label, you can look up the calorie information online.

Don't Deprive Yourself

Don't get the wrong idea when it comes to "diet foods". While you may not be able to gorge yourself on fried chicken and ice cream every day and meet your caloric deficit, there's no need to cut everything enjoyable out of your plan. Find better ways to make your favorite meals. Even if you don't want to make that kind of change, you can budget ways to still enjoy the dinners you love. Eat less food earlier in the day or cut your portions back. While there's something to be said for finding healthier alternatives, the main goal is to cut calories. If you can find a way to do that and still enjoy the meals you love, more power to you.

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