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Do Fat Burning Supplements Work?

ByMaria A Elena

Many fitness practitioners work hard towards achieving their goals, which oftentimes incorporates shedding those few extra pounds. The practices of maintaining an active lifestyle and ensuring a complete and healthy diet are the most effective methods to achieving those goals, but every now and then there are those that feel they need an extra boost to help them burn away that excess fat.

To achieve this, many people have turned to fat burning supplements as an aid or even a solution to their fitness goals. In this type of situation, there are some that are good and there are those that should definitely be avoided.

Be careful, it might be bad for you

To start with, there are certain types of fat burning supplements that any fitness practitioner should be aware of before they decide to add them to their diet. Some, such as the product Alli and orlistat, have been found to have detrimental side effects such as liver damage. Bitter orange, country mallow, and ephedra were also described as having seriously dangerous side effects that hindered health instead of helping develop it. All of these were previously approved by the FDA and then retracted once they were determined to have such seriously dangerous side effects. So, you have to ask yourself, what do all these fat burning supplements have in common? Well, they're all engineered in laboratories. While they were designed with a single purpose in mind, they are new and often chemically based additives that can often be unpredictable.

The natural choice

Naturally derived fat burning solutions often make the best supplements to your diet, mostly because they can be found in the very foods we eat on a daily basis. Of course, these aren't all just simple fat burning supplements, so you have to ask yourself if you're going to be burning calories or burning fat?

Conjugated linoleic acid

This is an omega 6 fatty acid found in meat and dairy products. In other forms such as linoleic acid, it can be found in vegetable oil. This fatty acid is renowned for its ability to help stimulate fat burning while promoting muscular development and growth.

Eurycoma longifolia (also known as Malaysian ginseng)

This root promotes fat loss by increasing energy levels and is renowned for its noticeable anti-aging properties. It's also a unique fat-burning supplement because of its ability to help users continue to burn fat without running into a plateau that some fitness seekers encounter. It's great for natural energy development which makes for the best fat burning supplement.

Green tea

This simple and readily available fat burning supplement works by increasing metabolism and has proven effective in its ability to decrease the appetite of the user. The dual effect combination of green tea makes for a great dietary addition for those who want to fight the urge to eat a little extra during the day and use the energy reserves they presently have stored.


This simple mineral is commonly known for the important role it plays in the structural development of the body, but calcium is also allocated for another bodily function that affects your metabolism. It plays a major part in the proper maintenance of metabolic rates. But, correctly consuming calcium is important, and while a supplement of 1000 to 1200 mg a day is needed, it's crucial that you eat a meal when you take calcium supplements or it won't be absorbed into the body as effectively.


This is a simple enzyme that basically just helps break down calories. This effectively helps boost the metabolic rate within the body, helping the user to use the fuel they consume far more efficiently. You'll feel more energetic and burn off your daily calorie intake completely while using that energy to utilize extra fat stores.

Promoting a healthy weight loss plan is the only path to complete well-being. Locations that provide proper education and promote a healthy weight-loss plan such as those in the southern California fitness center and those at the Westlake village fitness center will help ensure a complete plan when it comes to your total health.

In addition to plenty of physical fitness, the daily diet plays an essential role in our fitness plans. Though there are many dietary supplements that promote their abilities to help you burn fat faster, not all of them are healthy for your body. Be sure you're eating properly and that you know exactly what you're putting in your body before taking a chance with your wellbeing.

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