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Weight Loss Equals Diet and Exercise

A person's weight is rather like a balancing act and part of the equation is calories. Diets that are fads might promise that counting carbs or eating a ton of grapefruit is guaranteed to make the pounds just melt away. Unfortunately, when it comes to weight loss, it is calories that need counting. Losing weight comes down to using more calories than you eat. You may do that by reducing calories consumed and increasing exercise or physical activity.

The Basics

Reducing extra calories and more exercise is the first basic of losing weight and once a person understands that, they are ready to set a goal and make a plan for getting to that goal. But keep in mind you do not have to do it by yourself. Speak with your physician, family and friends for support. Be smart: expect minor setbacks and know how you will handle situations that test your resolve.

If you are a person who has severe health problems because of your weight, your physician might propose surgery for weight-loss or medications. In this case, you and your physician will need to discuss in-depth benefits and the likely risks.

Do not forget what the bottom line is. The key to success is a commitment to making changes that are permanent in exercise habits and diet.

Diet Plan

There are certainly no shortages of diet plans - there are hundreds on the internet and others in books. All the latest "fad" and best diet plans are available. But - when do you know that a diet plan is the one that fits your lifestyle and needs? Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Is there a variety of foods from all of the major groups of food such as fruits, vegetables, grains, lean protein, nuts and seeds as well as dairy products that are low-fat?

Does it include foods that you like?

Are the foods easy to find at any grocery store?

Is regular physical exercise part of this plan?

If the answer to these questions or any one of these questions is no, keep looking for another diet plan.

Exercise and Diet

Remember that the path to success in losing weight is by forming a diet that is healthy and by exercising. Now, you might not like these words - exercise and diet. But don't get hung up on them. Exercise just means becoming more active and diet just means eating healthy, low-calorie meals.

Most people make the mistake of just focusing on the diet and forget about the exercise but being active is a vital part of any weight-loss program. When you are active, the body uses calories to work and this helps to burn the calories that you have eaten.


Shopping, cleaning the kitchen, gardening and mowing are all forms of physical activity. But the exercise for weight loss is a repetitive and structured form of physical activity that is done regularly. You need to exercise regularly, so set a goal as a minimum 150 minutes per week of physical activity or 75 minutes per week of energetic activity - spread through the week.

Other Methods

Diet pills, surgery for losing weight and other methods should only be used when the diet and exercise have failed. But first for weight loss you should make a good faith effort of diet and exercise.

Losing weight is a balance between the amount of calories you eat as well as exercise to burn calories. Your diet will fail if both of these are not done. Weight loss, consists of both.

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