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Resistance Exercises for Cellulite

Resistance exercises for the affected body regions are not only designed to help you tone muscles underneath the cellulite. These exercises are also helpful in addressing some of the issues that are directly related to the management of cellulite. If you want to know more about how the resistance exercises work, you should read on. Also, sample exercises were provided to guide you with management of cellulite.

Importance of Resistance Exercises

There are various exercise routines that can help you improve the appearance of the cellulite situated on different body regions. Aside from improving the overall appearance of the specific body parts, these can also help you reduce the risks for complications that may arise from the accumulation of toxins on parts affected by cellulite. Other benefits that you may obtain out of performing exercises are prevention of worsening episodes of subcutaneous tissue herniation.

Subcutaneous tissue herniation has been attributed as one of the main culprits behind the development of cellulite. If you prevent the development of cellulite in these body parts, not only can you delay or totally freeze the development of cellulite but also retard the skin sagging process from taking place. In the long run, this can make it easier for you to manage other problems that may arise from the initial cellulite development.

Fire Hydrant

Description: The fire hydrant exercise is a type of resistance exercise used to target the cellulite situated on your buttocks and the back portion of your thighs.

Procedure: To perform the fire hydrant exercise, you should assume a quadruped position. Slowly, raise one of your legs backward using a fluid and swinging motion. You should do this alternately for both lower extremities.

Dosimetry: The recommended dosimetry is 20 repetitions and 3 sets for both lower extremities. You are advised to switch from one leg to another after every set.

Progession: Initially, you may increase the repetition and set increments by five repetitions and one set. You may also add ankle weights for both lower extremities.

Wall Slides

Description: This is a cellulite exercise used to address the front portion and the inner portion of your thighs. You simply have to make minor changes in exercise execution to gain a different result.

Procedure: You need to squat against a wall. You should also make sure that your back is flat against the wall. Without your knees going beyond the point where your toes are, try to move your body as low as you can. If you do this exercise right, you should feel the tension on your thighs.

Dosimetry and Progression: The dosimetry and progression methods are the same as the fire hydrant exercise.

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