Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Removing Cellulite With Home Remedies

When the skin and its connective tissues are pushed by fatty deposits beneath them, this would produce a lumpy appearance called cellulite. When it is caused by genetics, it cannot be permanently removed but its visibility will be reduced by home remedies. Here are such home remedies that should be tried to win the long battle with this fatty substance.

Massaging the affected area with ground coffee beans is an effective way. There are many creams that contain this ingredient to remove the appearance of fatty deposits as it assists in smoothing lumps. The coffee grounds can be taken from the filter of the coffee brewer as they are ready to be rubbed onto the skin. When one gets inside the shower, she should wet her skin and rub the coffee dust on the skin for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, she should rinse the area and do the procedure every day.

An effective remedy in removing the dimpling of the skin is using glucosamine supplement. This is an amino sugar that is also used to treat, rebuild cartilage as it is good for the health of the joints, and effective in preventing cellulite. It stops the breakdown of connective tissues and makes them healthy and strong. A dosage of this supplement in the amount of 1200mg will avert and disintegrate cellulite.

Another remedy is getting a soft brush and pressing it on the portions of the skin that has a dimpling appearance. The brush should be moved in circular movements to encourage a good blood flow to these areas to remove the fatty deposits in them. Another way to massage the lumpy areas is with an electronic massager for 10 minutes every day.

One should also drink water or any of her favorite drinks that are of room temperature and not chilled. An icy drink will constrict the tummy and esophagus obstructing the gush of digestive enzymes in the tummy.

Other things to remember in reducing the cottage cheese look of the skin is to lessen calorie intake everyday and replace this with vegetables and fruits as they contain less calories. It is also important to exercise regularly and have a healthy diet daily. Drinking enough amount of water is encouraged because too much water retention can make the skin puff up thus causing skin dimpling. Salty foods should be avoided as this causes fluid retention. Eating foods that are filled with antioxidants is encouraged.

These are the ways to eliminate cellulite with home remedies.
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